MICRONS TO MEASURE offers a Particle Size Analysis service to help you solve your problems in Research, Development, Quality Control and Environmental studies.

Fine particles in the form of powders, suspensions or emulsions are all around us in manufactured products that we use, in the food that we eat, in the water that we drink and in the air that we breathe.

The size and other properties of these particles may have a dramatic effect on the efficiency of production processes and on the qualities of the products. Accurate knowledge of particle size is essential for process optimisation and quality control, contributing to higher value products and lower production costs.

At Microns to Measure, we spend a lot of our time looking at water. Natural water, potable water, process water, cooling water, waste water, etc. Water is wonderful stuff! Everybody needs it. Most people have it, but they probably don't have as much as they would like. It may be dirty, contaminated or coloured. It has to be cleaned up before it can be used - then cleaned up again after use, so that it can be discharged to the environment or used again.

If you have a problem with particles in water, then we can probably help.

MICRONS TO MEASURE offers a range of particle characterisation techniques for different problems and situations.


Micron range (0.04 - 2000 microns) - Laser Light Scattering (LLS)
Particle Counting in Liquids (2 - 125 microns) - Light Obscuration
Sub-Micron range (5 nm - 3 microns) - Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS)
Mesh sieves - for oversize

MICRONS TO MEASURE is committed to providing its customers with a fast and economical Particle Size Analysis Service. Our aim is to help solve your problems in particulate systems.

For more information about Particle Size Analysis and how to get it, look at the methods page on this site and at the FAQ.

Particle Size Analysis for:

Environmental Studies Food Products
Quality Control Pharmaceuticals
Product Development Polymers, Paints and Inks
Troubleshooting Powders
Water Suspensions
Minerals Emulsions
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